About the Author

Daniel C. BruchDaniel C. Bruch is a retired pastor, professor, and activist. He has earned six degrees (including a D.Min., Ph.D., & Sc.D.) and served as a college, university, and seminary professor, both in the USA and internationally. He has been a police, emergency room, and university chaplain and is an activist in civil and human rights, women’s rights, gay rights, peacemaking, and economic justice. He became a liberal by conviction, not by birth. Dr. Bruch is founder and President of LiveLiberal (www.liveliberal.org) and founder and an owner of The Purple Tree (www.thepurpletree.org).

Thomas W. StrieterThomas W. Strieter is a social activist and retired Lutheran minister and with an STM and a PhD in Theology. His years in the ministry have been divided between the parish and academia. He has served as a professor of theology in both Protestant and Catholic colleges and universities. He is a certified counselor in mediation and conflict resolution and has served as an elected public official in a multi-racial Chicago suburb. He has thrice served in Bali as a teacher and pastor. He currently edits international theological publications.

Doris E. StrieterDoris E. Strieter is a former high school English teacher. She has served as a regional director for Amnesty International, been active in elected politics, worked in international development and education for a major denomination, and was instrumental in bringing many Chileans to the USA after the coup of 1973.  She has edited numerous manuscripts and is currently also editing theological publications, primarily from South America.